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3D City Mapping Three-dimensional models of urban environments are useful in a variety of applications. They are typically represented either as Digital Surface Models (DSM) or triangular 3D meshes. A standard technique for obtaining the geometry of a large-scale city area in an automated or semi-automated way is to apply stereo vision techniques on aerial or satellite imagery. DSMs and 3D models can also be obtained from Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) or from airborne laser scans Recently, ground-based data acquisition systems have been developed, which are capable of scanning the geometry of building facades as seen from the street level. Our Expertise : 3D visualization models have a variety of applications in geography and urban studies: site location analysis, emergency facilities planning, design review, marketing, etc. While they are generally used to simply visualize the built environment, there are early signs of them being used as 3D interfaces to more sophisticated simulation models. Areas of usage include : Gaming companies RF Planning Companies Real Estate Navigation