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GIS Services Highlights
GIS Services: Smart Search Solutions provides comprehensive GIS services and has exceptional domain knowledge in providing GIS solutions in the above mentioned areas. We have a large, dedicated digitizing team specialized in rapid and cost-effective GIS services. We have the people, resources, and processes to meet your needs for Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) services.

Overview Geographic Information Systems or GIS started with navigable waterways where paths for vessels were plotted three dimensionally to aid navigation. Today however, the use of GIS information has transcended the boundaries of navigation and has found its way into corporate board rooms, helping organizations realize greater ROI and simplified decision making, through easy-to-use dashboards and walkthrough's. The singular catch with creating GIS mapping is the ability to process as much data and of course, the know-how to transform the GIS mapping into usable knowledge. This is where the most corporations face the "to be or not to be question". While it may be easier to create a dedicated GIS resource pool, it is also extremely cumbersome to maintain end-to-end value addition that GIS provides furthermore, it is a strong diversion away from the core focus areas of most of the corporations that use GIS.

Expertise Smart Search enjoys a unique position with its client sand in the market space due to its unmatched expertise in "Change Detection" in images taken at different times of the same area.

  • Ortho-rectification of images to their location on the earth.
  • Spectral Analysis using non-visible parts of the electromagnetic spectrum to gather information.
  • Image Classification of pixels based on reflectance into different land cover classes.
  • Parcel Maps using coordinate geometry techniques and GPS image BASE mapping to create maps from scratch.
  • Digitization of nautical maps into Electronic Navigation Charts.
  • City Walk through's from map and location data for real-estate, municipal administration as well as gaming.
  • Data conversion from one format to another, for compatibility between multiple applications.

    GIS Services include: